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Zhejiang Glaverbel Glass Technology Co., Ltd.

Founded in July 2004, Zhejiang Glaverbel Glass Technology Co., Ltd. now possesses registered capital of 80 million yuan, 32,704 square meters standard steel structure workshop, above 230 staffs, including professional and technical personnel accounting for 15.4% of employees. Its compound talents team has rich experience of production management and scientific research, which provides a strong guarantee for developing new products. 杭州欧博娱乐玻璃工业有限公司

In order to meet the ever-changing market demand, Glaverbel actively applies technological innovation to new products and process, improves the quality and grade of products. On the one hand, Glaverbel introduced the world first-class glass processing equipments, including full automatic glass cutting equipment, high precision glass parallel grinding machine, CNC controlled glass processing center, glass tempering furnace production line, screen printing production line, hollow glass, laminated glass and coated glass production line. These equipments were imported from global famous enterprises, such as, Italy Bavelloni and Bottero, Austria LISIC, Finland TAMGLASS, TCME. On the other hand, Glaverbel strengthens the system construction. It has passed ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, CCC authentication, United States SGCC authentication, European Union CE authentication and Australia ASI authentication. At the same time, Glaverbel improves the ability of processing and testing through continuously implementing technical renovation and introducing advanced equipments.

In recent years, Glaverbel invested more than 65 million yuan to introduce 43 sets of advanced equipments and construction machines from abroad, build a 1100 square meters technology center (including chemical analysis room, physicochemical analysis room, balance room and testing center, equipped with magnetic heating mixer, electrical thermostatic drying oven, steel ball impacting device, shotguns bag impacting device, dew-point meter, uviofast radiation device, SSI surface stress devices, etc). At present, it has leading production processing capacity, researching and testing ability, which lay a solid foundation for implementing brand strategy. Combining with development strategy and practical experience, the research center strengthens the cooperation with Technical Institute of Physical and Chemistry, Zhejiang Scientific Research Colleges and Universities, Wuhan University of Science and Technology, Shanghai Institute of Ceramics to establish the development system of new technology, products, process and material. At the moment, it has developed many innovative high-tech products, such as, thermocuring self-clean glass, low-e glass, screen printing glass, laminated glass, high strength single bulletproof glass, fireproof glass. Its technology has reached the leading domestic and international level. And the products present varieties series, structure diversification, high technology. Intelligent controlled energy-saving light (temperature) coated glass gained product authentication, silk screen glass won five exterior design patents. At present, Glaverbel’s deep-processing glass has been transformed from traditional low value-added intermediate product to high-tech and high value added end product. They are widely used in high grade office building, hotel, building glass curtain wall, building exterior and interior decoration, etc. The products sell well in the more than 20 domestic provinces and municipalities, gain high popularity from vast consumers.


Our company has 12 toughened production lines of Finland TAMGLASS, which adopt the heating method of radiation and convection to produce most of energy -saving glass (including LOW-E coated glass、solar control coated glass), mean while greatly enhance the smoothness of glass to guarantee products level and beautiful.

Strong convection toughened stove designed and manufactured by Finland TAMGLASS


Producing place: Finland·TAMGLASS Company

Allocation: two independent deionized water cleaning systems, which is used for producing the laminatedglass of LOW-E.

Remark: adopt homemade autoclave, scientific autoclave curve and thermostatic humidor to strictly control its temperature and humidity to insure film in a best bonding condition.



The cleaning system with special soft brush and pure water is suitable to clean LOW-E glass.

High precision automatic cutting machine and automatic stripping machine can rapidly remove away the film on the side of LOW-E glass to fully guarantee the cementation and sealing quality of insulating glass to prevent film oxidation.

Full-automatic special pipe bending machine: adopted automatic elbow technology, it realizes one-time bending forming to avoid four traditional connecting parts of elbows to reduce air leakage of insulating glass from angles.

Full-automatic molecular sieve filling machine: it adopts automatic negative pressure technology whose filling rate is 95% and 15% higher than traditional shake methods.

Equipped with semi-automatic gluing equipments of silicone and thio rubber adhesive.



Auto-orientation, auto-printing and chromatography;

Equipped with special crazing machine;




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