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Hangzhou Hehe Glass Industry Co., Ltd.

Established in June 10, 1998, Hangzhou Hehe Glass Industry’s predecessor is Dangshan Plastic Craft Factory, a village enterprise founded in 1982. Now, the company owns registered capital of 50.0094 million yuan and 300 staffs. It has 48 research and development personnel, accounting for 13% of the total employees.

The company has 4 sets of imported automatic grinding machines from Italy Bottero and Bavellon, flat and curved tempered furnace production line, silver and aluminum mirror production line from CSG. Its major products include new non-copper unleaded environmental decorative mirror, aluminum mirror, non-copper silver coated glass mirror and other civil decorative mirrors. New non-copper unleaded environmental decorative mirror was developed by our company independently, which uses completely automatic controlling production process. It collects, separates and recycles the palladium chloride applied in the process, greatly reducing production cost, decreasing pollution to the environment surrounding. The successful development of this project satisfies various requirements emerging from continuous improvement of life. The product is widely used in architecture, interior (bathroom or toilet) market, exhibition hall, hotel, and so on.

In April 2008, the National Standardization Management Center set National Civil Decorative Mirror Standardization Technical Committee Secretariat in our company, marking we acquiring new progress on participating in the formulation of international and national standards. After three years’ development, we participated in drawing up nearly ten items of the national professional standard system revision, such as GB/T23148-2008 “civil decorative mirror” and “non- copper silver coated glass mirror”, QB/T1102-2006 “civil decorative mirror”, GB15763.1-2009 “fireproof glass”, GB15763.4-2009 “homogeneous tempered glass”, GB/T17841-2008 “heat-strengthened glass”, JC/T2001-2009 “solar cell glass”. Through standard system revision, we improve the overall quality and level of our company and industry, promote the technology progress. The implementation of national standards of “civil decorative mirror” and “non- copper silver coated glass mirror” fills up the industrial standard blank. It is an important standard to deal with technical barriers,  further promoting rapid and sound development of domestic civil decorative mirror industry.

n the future, we will continue to speed up the pace of technological innovation, accelerate the establishment and improvement of the technical innovation system and mechanism, increase the investment on research and development, strengthen the independent innovation of key and core technology, produce more technology and products with independent intellectual property rights. Moreover, we will intensify the combination of production, learning and research, break through core technology, common technology and key technology restricting enterprises development, to provide more energy-saving products. At the same time, we will actively promote the further development of the energy conservation and environmental protection products, optimize industrial structure, ascend industry technology level, drive the further growth of mirrors industry.


Our company has 3 full-automatic production lines for high-grade silver mirror, copper-free mirror and copper mirror. With width of 2.6m and length of 150m, each production line has annual production capacity of 3 million square meters. By adopting the most advanced production technology in domestic, it has introduced international advanced equipments such as USA spraying system, full-automatic paint showering system of Italy and USA RO pure water preparation system. Its lead-free and copper-free environmental mirror has passed the testing by Sweden authority whose indexes all accord with international standard and environment requirement of Europe and America. Its lens size is between 1000×1000mm-2440×3300mm.




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