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Zhejiang Hehe Rolled Glass Co., Ltd.

Founded in October 2002, Zhejiang Hehe Rolled Glass Co., Ltd. possesses 160 employees, including technical staffs who has intermediate titles or above accounting for 15%. The company covers a total area of 50,000 square meters. It has been identified as the integrated utilization resources enterprises in Zhejiang Province for many years. Furthermore, the company passed the Clean Production Auditing. It has created good social and economic benefits.

The company possesses two advanced fully-automated patterned glass production lines, equipped with distribution of raw materials, coal gas stations, laboratories, technical management, workshops, management offices, as well as complete apparatus and auxiliary equipments. Its average daily output is 14,000 square meters. The various pattern glass designed and developed by professional designers and engineers are applicable to building, decoration, furniture, bathroom, kitchen utensils and other fields. Its specifications, variety and quality are at the forefront in the industry. At present, the products have been sold to major cities in the country, and exported to Europe, United States and other countries and regions. The products received praise from the consumers.

Architectural decorative patterned glass is the most popular new architectural decorative materials for outer and inner walls globally, owing to better performance than natural granite and marble, along with double layer structure. The patterned glass not only possesses all outstanding characteristics of architectural decorative patterned glass, but also has the characteristics of light, heat insulation, sound insulation, etc. According to the information from the recent National Building Glass Standard Technology Examine and Approve Conference, pattern glass is the most promising products (our company is one of the national standard technology committee members and the only deep processing enterprise in the Eastern region). At present, only two manufacturers gaining the authorization of the domestic market can produce two million square meters in total. Our technical personal have successfully developed pattern decorative glass, a kind of translucent flat glass with decorative pattern, processed through special technique. It can not only make full use of natural light, but also prevent clear perspective to play hiding effect. Its pattern includes Bamboo, Bamboo Pattern, Rain Flower I, Silver Ripples, Silver Misty, Small Grid, Bergamot Pear, Nets Grain, Strip Grain, Season Red, etc, 10 of which have gained deign patent.

To ease the tense situation of the world's resources, the staffs in our company's technology center established a special working group, introduced foreign advanced technology, adopted the craft of high technology, used special materials and special techniques control, successfully developing ultra-white glass after repeated experiments. Our ultra-white glass has reached the world's advanced level. It has a lot of characteristics, including high transmittance, high transparency, elegant and high safety factor. It is mainly used in the internal and external decoration of high-grade construction, luxury car glass, solar cells, high-grade horticultural buildings, high-grade glass furniture, various crystal products and other industries.

With the continuous improvement of people’s standard of living, consumers have higher demand for decorative glass. Especially, after the State Building Bureau requiring that the building above five-storey (offices, hotels, mansion) must be used safety glass (doors, windows, interior decoration, etc.), customer enhanced requirements on furniture glass like doors, windows, sandbeach tables and others. And the glass is more and more widely used nowadays. Our decorative patterned glass will be accepted and appreciated by more consumers.

In future, we continue to take the management idea of “positive and aggressive, create the fashion”. We dedicate to providing perfect products and services for vast consumers. We wish that people enjoy high quality life!


Adopting the advanced technology in domestic with daily melting capacity of 200 tons, it is specialized in producing high quality solar glass and pattern glass whose indexes all accord with international standard.




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