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Zhejiang Yaohua Import and Export Co., Ltd.

Located in Shianqiao, DangshanTown, Xiaoshan District, Yaohua was founded in October 2002. Its business includes selling building materials, architectural decorative materials, glass products, hardware, appliances, clothing, bags, handicrafts, household merchandise, along with self-supporting or acting an agent for the import and export of various commodities and technology.
The company mainly operates the import and export business for five companies affiliated to Hehe Group. The value of export was 48 million dollars in 2011. Export consists of two parts. First, Zhejiang Hehe Rolled Glass exported 4 million square meters pattern glass with the export value of 20 million dollars, Zhejiang Glaverbel exported 0.3 million square meters hollow and laminated glass with export value of 12 million dollars, Hangzhou Hehe Glass exported 1.6 million square meters tempered glass with export value of 8 million dollars. Secondly, it exported other products, including shower rooms, glass basin, hardware cleaner and other accessories, with the value of about 8 million dollars. Import business is mainly acting as an agent for the import of equipments for four enterprises of Hehe Group. And the annual import amount is about 5 million dollars. Zhejiang Glaverbel spends about 4 million dollars importing low-e glass annually. Yaohua has offices in Shanghai. And its sales and agent business spreads across several countries and regions, such as Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Canada, Vancouver, Bangladesh, United States, Australia and other countries and regions.

Yaohua strictly abides by business ethics and manager legally. Its high quality products and excellent service won widespread acclaim from customers. Now, it owns long-term and stable customers in Asia and Europe. Seizing this opportunity, the company further expands the European and American market, opens up the Asian market. We intend to quickly send our company’s products and services to foreign consumers, make due contributions to the economic development of the local area.


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